Tuesday, March 24, 2015

BarkBox Review

I know I haven't posted on here in forever but my life has been entirely consumed by work and my 4 hour round-trip commute. Something else that is still very much present in my life is my beautiful pup Minnie. She is a medium sized Goldendoodle and is now 9 months old, weighing in around 45 pounds!

One of my favorite things I've done for her is to order a year subscription to BarkBox. I cannot say enough about how much we've enjoyed the monthly box of treats arriving on the doorstep. As much as I love going to Pet Valu and looking around for toys/treats, there is something really fun about a surprise box of goodies that I usually have never heard of. It seems like Minnie can even tell that the box is for her while I'm opening it, she gets so excited! It's interesting to try new things, especially with a younger dog when you're not yet sure what her favorite flavors or types of toys are. Something I really appreciate about the box is the theme. Not all of the items always fit the theme, but most do and it is definitely a little touch thrown in there for us "parents".

The first item is something that came in this month's Island Paradise themed box, Yeti Dog Chew Golden Nuggets. I was extremely confused by these at first as they are just beige squares that instruct you to microwave them before giving them to your dog. Weird, right? As Minnie was being a particularly good pup today I decided to try these out. I followed the instructions and microwaved them for a little more than a minute, and watched as it puffed up! After letting it cool I removed it and it was a larger, hard beige square. Not the most appealing but she loved it and I watched as she crunched away. I'll definitely be saving these for "higher value" treat situations as opposed to an every day treat.

In January, Minnie received an "Ice Age" themed BarkBox, which is perfect because here in northern New Jersey the snow seems to be unending. Along with some amazing-smelling gingersnap treats that she refused to try was this oblong blue rubber toy called "icicle". Minnie absolutely loves this for the days she wants a more durable toy to chew on as opposed to a soft toy. This actually also has a squeaker inside which is difficult for me to squeak but she has no problem with it. 

Next up is a plush toy that Minnie and I love but everyone else in my house hates: this bizarre looking moose. There are multiple ways to interact with this toy, which is surprising for a plush. The neck stretches, there is a squeaker in the head, and the body makes an almost quacking sound when shaken up and down. Minnie loves this because she can grab it by the head and run around with it to make the "quacking" noise. Other people in my house find it slightly annoying on occasion but I think it's fun!

Last, but not least, are these Jambalaya treats. As mentioned previously, my step-father is from New Orleans originally, so I've learned a lot about food and music and culture from down there. I was so excited when Minnie received a Mardi-Gras BarkBox last month! There were also King Cake treats (actually peanut butter flavor) and a mardi gras mask toy, but I thought these were the most creative/authentic. When looking at the ingredients list, as I always do because I am a crazy dog lady now, I was impressed to see nearly all of the ingredients that go into real jambalaya. These were a hit with my pup and I've been rationing them so they'll last longer. 

I realize this was a fairly extensive post about BarkBox products and a lot of people probably don't care that much about dog treats/toys, but I have found having a dog to be extremely fun and rewarding. I love spending part of my weekend finding new things for her to try and I am looking forward to the warmer weather so we can try out a dog beach and go on some adventures! I figure this is kind of training for my future children as I spend lots of time and money on this little cutie. 

Please bear with me as I attempt to resurrect my blog. I love having this as a creative outlet and almost passed out when I saw people were actually giving it a glance. Thanks!

This post was in no way sponsored by BarkBox. I'm pretty sure they don't even know I exist. Images were taken from there website, I do not own. 

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