Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fantastic Mr. Fox Theme Dinner

My family has a tradition of doing a movie themed dinner every couple of months, and I had been waiting quite some time for the perfect weather to do Fantastic Mr. Fox as my film. 

For the activity, we made "bandit masks". In the movie, Mr. Fox and some of the other animals put on bandit "hats" resembling ski masks, but I thought these would be easier to decorate. 

Everyone got to choose from the assortment of colored paper and design in whatever style. We used rubber bands to make them wearable.

I wanted to fully capture the feeling of the movie, rather than pull out small details from it, since no one else had seen the film yet and would not understand references to the plot. The aspect of the movie I remembered most was it's artistic style and connection to nature. I played up the autumnal themes to decorate the room and table.

We used a cheap wreath around the bowl of apples to make a standout centerpiece and then filled in with other such autumn decorations, like candle holders and a Spode pumpkin teapot from The Christmas Tree Shop. On the small table in the back I placed a few real pumpkins as well as sunflowers and my stuffed fox from Anthropologie. The apples in the centerpiece were covered with gold star stickers to resemble the genetically modified ones in the movie made by one of the villains for his cider.

There is plenty of food in Fantastic Mr. Fox, as he steals chickens, apple cider, and other goods repeatedly from the nearby evil farmers/industrialists. Sticking with my Autumn theme, I decided to make a simple Sunday style dinner with roast chicken with herbs, root vegetables, kale salad, and dinner rolls, plus cinnamon apple pie for dessert.

For the roasted root vegetables, we used red potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, and parsnips. tossed in olive oil and herbs de provence. 

The Kale salad was purchased from our nearby grocery store but was delicious with shredded carrots and craisins. 

Our dinner was accompanied by juice boxes, which they drink at the end of the movie while raiding the grocery store. I think these foods provided a nice taste of Autumn and were a healthy way to have some "comfort food."

Everyone enjoyed the film and the dinner, despite this being one of the simpler theme dinners we have done. Sometimes you do not require a whole bunch of decorations to set the mood for a good movie. I'd love to do another theme dinner around Christmas so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks for reading :)

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