Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Favorites!

As I feel like I somehow missed out on summer, I am determined to fully embrace and appreciate Autumn this year. That includes decorating the house, enjoying pumpkin everything, and attempting to get along with the cooler weather. There are, though, a few things that have been helping to make Fall better for me so far:

My first favorite is an essential to my wardrobe from September to May - denim jegging jeans from American Eagle. I have these in black, regular wash, and light wash. They are so perfect to wear with boots or flats and they can be worn casually or dressed up and worn to work! (I have a pretty casual workplace) I also have two pairs of the skinny jeans which have a bit more of a relaxed fit in the calf and ankle, but these are definitely my favorite. You can find them here.

Since I started working full time, I needed to set up my desk with all of my necessities. I know it is flu season, so when I went to Bath and Body Works I was on the hunt for a good hand sanitizer. I stumbled upon this Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin hand sanitizer. At first I doubted that it would smell good and not just like rubbing alcohol like other sanitizers, but I was pleasantly surprised. I am becoming somewhat addicted to this and even bought the small hand lotion in the same scent. 

I am one of those people who gets scared of horror movies and ghost stories very easily, but I still enjoy watching them from time to time. One of my favorite shows lately is American Horror Story and this season, Freak Show, seems extremely promising. I have only seen one episode so far but I was horrified, terrified, and left wanting more. As someone who is scared of clowns, I have a feeling I'll have to watch this only when it is light out, but sometimes you just need to watch something dark and twisted. (Followed shortly by my other new favorite show - Peppa Pig...)

I actually ordered this lip gloss from Sephora a month ago, but decided it was finally time to pull it out. I'm usually not as bold with lip color but it's something I'm trying to change. I absolutely loved this color for both Fall and Winter and since it is called "cranberry", I figured it would be perfect leading up to Thanksgiving. I wore it with a dark grey sweater to work the other day and thought it was the perfect pop of color. The lip gloss did rub off onto my coffee cup, but it didn't leave any weird, goopiness on my lips that sometimes happens with darker colors. 

Speaking of work, I have been on the train for 2 hours every day going to New York and home again, and it gets rather boring to just listen to music or stare off into space. Sometimes you just need a good book to get lost in and the Game of Thrones series is perfect for that. I am almost through A Clash of Kings and am having a hard time saving it just for the train. It might be difficult to get into at first because the characters and plot lines are numerous, but it is worth it I promise.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of all things Lush. I have a very hard time walking past the store without going in and I love finding new products to try. As I usually purchase bubble bars and bath bombs, I decided to switch it up this time and try the Honey Trap Lip Balm. It smells amazing of honey and vanilla and is a wonderful, smooth consistency. 

I have been burning candles like crazy lately, just to set the mood for a cozy autumn evening while I enjoy some Netflix and hot tea. Candles have gotten so expensive, but I do notice a quality difference when I spend less money on them. My go-to brand for candles of course is Yankee Candle and I love their seasonal candles for Fall, Christmas, and Summer. I bought the Autumn Leaves scent because it was one of the specially priced ones for the month, but there are a ton of other scents I would love to get my hands on. You can find their Fall candles here!

These are just a few of my Fall Favorites that I have been enjoying this season. I will be doing another one when my favorite time of year rolls around, Christmastime!!
Thanks for reading :)

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