Saturday, April 26, 2014

Preparing for Puppy

For the past two years I have been wanting to get a puppy, but I had to wait until after I graduated so that I could be around to train her properly and give her the love and attention a young puppy needs. After researching breeds, finding a breeder within driving distance that I liked and trusted, and waiting through a few litters until it was time, my border collie puppy was finally born yesterday evening.

My family has had dogs since I was little and I currently have a beautiful 8-year-old black cat, but I have never had a puppy that was fully my responsibility. I'm not sure whether I'm trying to compensate for my inexperience or I am just puppy-crazy at the moment, but I have been spending a good chunk of my free time researching dog food brands and locating dog parks.

Of course I want to have some things already at the house for when I bring the little one home in 8 weeks, but I managed to restrain myself and only bought a handful of things. 

One of the bigger purchases I knew I would have to make was the crate. The breeder suggested I get a crate that has an adjustable wall to expand as the puppy grows. I definitely plan on rate training the puppy, but I also think it provides a safe place for her to retreat to if she ever feels uncomfortable or needs some space.

My favorite purchase was this adorable bin that I found at Home Goods. I thought it would be perfect for the puppy's toys to keep them somewhat organized and off the floor.

The medium-size bin is a sturdy canvas material and features rope handles so that I can easily pick it up.

On the front of the bin is "my stuff" embroidered with two paw prints and a pink bone outline. I love the quality of this considering how affordable it was.

The bin holds quite a bit, but I do intend on using it only for toys and keeping the treats, leash, and cleanup bags elsewhere.

I spotted these treats at Home Goods as well. I have been keeping an eye out for treats that would be a bit healthier than the typical, commercial brands and these seemed pretty good.

As you can see, the ingredient list is pretty straightforward and is a combined fruit and vegetable flavor. I'm not sure yet if she will like the taste but it's worth a try.

While on a trip to PetsMart I searched the dog toy aisle for something that would be soft enough for a young puppy but also that didn't have any stuffing inside which could potentially be pulled out and spread everywhere.

A bonus with this toy was that a portion of the money went towards saving homeless pets!

I loved how cute this little monster was with its purple horns, pink heart, and fluffy fur.

Another product I found at Home Goods was something I had never thought of buying, these "goddy bags" for cleaning up after your pup while out on walks or at the park.

The bags were so sweet and girly looking with pink stripes and polka dots. Hopefully this will make cleaning up messes a little prettier.

The item came with 120 disposable bags which can be put, one roll at a time, into this pink bone-shaped holder. The dispenser has a clip attached so that it can latch on to a leash or belt loop for on-the-go.

With a puppy this young, I hope to be prepared for everything, including teething. I found this Boots & Barkley brand toy at Target and conveniently had a coupon for it with me.

The toy has a soft elephant head attached to a large blue teething ring. The rubber seemed solid and durable, perfect for an energetic puppy that loves to chew.

I also picked up this pink and black leash at Home Goods. I originally had my heart set on a leash I saw online that came complete with a flashlight, doggie bags, and storage for treats, but the company had sold out. 

This leash did not come with all of the extras, but it seems like a good quality and suitable for a border collie.

Of course, a classic toy for a dog with tons of energy is a tennis ball. I was given this bag of 12 tennis balls for my puppy and I know they will be put to good use. Tennis balls are pretty easy to misplace, so I'm glad there are so many in this bag.

I plan on doing some more puppy-shopping before I get to bring the little one home, but I thought this was a pretty good start. On my list are a food bowl, a water bowl, travel bowls, a collar, a couple more toys, a brush, and puppy shampoo. I can't wait to meet the newest member of my family!

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