Monday, October 26, 2015

Why I Chose Not to Go To Law School

Something I struggle with in both my personal and professional lives is the acceptance of imperfection in myself. I have always felt as though I have an image in my head of how everything is supposed to be - my life, my house, my appearance - and I am constantly striving to achieve those things. I am not sure where this image came from of what I believed my life would look like at age 23, but it isn't exactly what I have. Don't get me wrong, every day that I wake up I count myself fortunate to be able to have legs that work, a nice house to live in, a loving family, and always enough food to eat. However lack of satisfaction is more a disappointment in myself that I could not achieve all of the things I felt I was supposed to. I am constantly striving to do better (not always a bad thing) and to fulfill the image I have of myself and others have of me.

All throughout school I worked diligently on my education, and graduated from grammar school, high school, and college with high honors. This was a way for me to measure my worth, something I could point to on my down days and say "But look what you've accomplished!" After the fanfare of graduating college had died down, there were suddenly no more grades to receive, no more scholarships to win or honor societies to join, and I was honestly at a loss. Despite my internships throughout college, I did not have a job waiting for me after graduation and suddenly I was sitting with nothing to do while my friends moved forward with their lives. So one day I thought "Hey I'll take the LSAT and see what happens. "

What happened was that I had plenty of time to prepare for the test, so I did pretty well. So I thought "Well I guess I'll just apply to some schools and see what happens." So I did. And I was accepted into every school I applied to, including my dream school USC, with scholarships.  The whole thing kind of snowballed and, after almost moving to LA, I found myself at Fordham Law School's orientation day. I quit my job at Nickelodeon, bought a bunch of heavy case books, and went to class. And I hated it. It's terrifying to hate something you've already invested so much time and money in, but I did. I was miserable between my 4 hour round trip commute, the texts that I had zero experience with, and my desire to just return to working in television. My decision to attend law school stemmed from all the wrong reasons. I wanted to make money, I wanted to be respected, I wanted to add another degree to my resume, and I wanted to return to the validation of school. I did not have a passion for the law or a passion to help the wronged and defend the accused.

I have always heard people say to worry more about being passionate about your work and less about the money but that is easier said than done. I saw law school as a means to an end. To be able to live a comfortable life financially. I thought doing something you felt passionate about was only for people in the arts or the person who runs a small cafe in a cutesy town in a Hallmark movie. I learned this lesson quickly though and it hit me hard. I found myself talking about my love for television  and the industry and the wonderful people I worked with, while others talked about their jobs as paralegals and childhood dreams of being lawyers. It had been in front of my face for months but I hadn't wanted to hear it.  The idea of law school fit into the perfect image I created for myself, scholar, successful career woman. But there were other things I wanted to be now - wife, mother, dog-owner, runner, maybe writer! - but I would not have time for these things. Why would I sacrifice the things I enjoyed for the thing that I didn't truly care about, just so I could appear perfect? I don't think anyone even really cared that much about this standard I held myself to.

So after a few days of mental breakdowns and consulting everyone I knew, I decided to withdraw. Luckily I was able to get back my full tuition minus the fees and cost of books, but I was left with the simultaneous feelings of relief and utter and complete failure. I thought about what people would say and where I would go from there and what I would do with all of my free time. After a few days of freedom and agony I got a call from my former supervisor at Nickelodeon. I had let them know I had changed my mind about law school and was interested in returning to television, and by some miracle, they had a freelance position open in the same department I used to intern in, with the same people I had just worked with a month prior. I said yes before she could finish describing the position and immediately knew I had made the right choice. I returned a few days later and ended up sitting in a cubicle right across from the one I used to occupy. This may seem like one step forward and two steps back to some, but to me it felt more like I had veered off course and was now back on the right track.

I find myself now at another turning point. My freelancing contract is coming to an end in a couple of weeks and I am once again facing the unknown in my career. I am not as afraid as I was though, because I now know I am at least headed in the correct direction. I have learned that it is okay to choose something you enjoy and care about over something that fits into a perfect image, and that things have a way of working out. I hope that, armed with this knowledge, I will be able to make positive choices for myself and put in the hard work to build something strong and solid in my career, even if it's not what I thought it would be.

Poetry For Thought

When I was younger I used to write poetry. Some of it was silly and rhymed and some of it was deeper and abstract. It was never something I worked at and I only wrote when something struck me or I felt especially contemplative. I haven't written anything in years until last night when I couldn't sleep. This poem is rather personal, but after a weekend spent with my boyfriend, and going to see a townhouse for the first time together, I was overflowing with thoughts. I am not usually one to share personal things or emotions but this blog is about being open and trying new things, so I thought I would post it here. This was written at 12:30am in about 5 minutes with no revisions, so definitely a raw product. Thanks for reading!

When we first met, 
I was skeptical and optimistic and scared 
because you seemed so wonderful 
and I thought it was too good to be true. 
And I felt like I kept waiting to find something wrong, 
for you to lose interest and leave, 
or stop treating me nicely. 
But you didn’t. 
And I felt skeptical and optimistic and scared. 
I was afraid,
Sometimes I am still afraid,
to feel so much for another person
and to trust them so entirely
with my secrets and fears
my silly daydreams
all of the bad parts of me
and the good.
I have to be honest
some days I still look at you
and I wonder how it is possible
to love someone so completely
And I am skeptical
and optimistic
and scared.
It is wonderful and terrifying
to go from worrying only about yourself
to planning out your life
with another person.
But despite my skepticism and optimism and fear
I never had to choose to be with you
Not really
It was like coming home
Like recognizing a face I had never seen before
Like comfort in silence
And safety in chaos
And warmth in the cold.
And you.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Disney World Adventures, Food, and Tips

This past May, one of my dreams came true and I was able to spend my birthday in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

My boyfriend and I went down for the whole week and stayed at the nearby Marriott World Center Resort - Royal Palms. The resort is incredible and I recommend staying there if you can. They renovated the pool area a few years ago and it now has multiple hot tubs, a waterfall, and three water slides. The water slides are in a separate pool right next to the main pool, as to avoid any collisions with swimmers. They are legitimate water slides, manned by a few lifeguards, that require you to climb up multiple flights of stairs.

The pool area also has fire pits with seating and an outdoor restaurant where you can choose to eat there or have food and drinks delivered to your poolside chair. We did this on one of our down days and the food was delicious, definitely worth the price. There is also a small, but recently updated game room with large-scale versions of your favorite app games like Fruit Ninja and Plants vs. Zombies. 

Animal Kingdom:

We did manage to leave the resort long enough to go to all four Disney parks. We started on the Sunday at Animal Kingdom, and it was almost 100 degrees so we got there early and left early. I cannot stress enough how important I think it is to get to Animal Kingdom when it opens. My favorite part of this park is the safari, and the animals will be more active and easier to spot earlier in the day. Also, the wait time is a lot shorter at opening so you can save your Fastpass for something else. (ahem... Expedition Everest) My favorite place to eat here by far is Tusker House, the buffet themed as a market with characters dressed in safari clothes. Tusker House has amazing options for vegetarians, as well as carving stations for those carnivores in your life. However, we didn't make a reservation and opted for Rainforest Cafe, which was fine dining-wise and incredible for air conditioning. After riding the usuals, Dinosaur, Expedition Everest, I was excited to find Disney dog toys, bowls, and collars. I bought a collar and a Minnie Mouse bow squeak toy for my goldendoodle Minnie and she loved them. These are available in other stores throughout the parks as well as downtown disney but I found them in the store in Dino Lan U.S.A. on the way to the Dinosaur ride. 

Hollywood Studios:

As this is a small park and we wanted to spend some more time by that incredible pool, we only gave it a half day this trip. We went around 3pm on another hot day, but a combination of thunder storms and the oncoming evening helped cool down the park. In recent years, Hollywood Studios has really underwhelmed me, and so I was thrilled to hear about the plans for future expansions with Toy Story and Star Wars. We used our Fastpass on Toy Story Midway mania, grabbed a quickly melting Mickey ice cream bar (delicious), and meandered through One Man's Dream, during which I embarassingly cried while watching the film. This visit, we were on a mission to hit the bigger rides, mainly because I had never been on Rockin' Roller Coaster. The wait wasn't too bad and the ride was extremely fast but tons of fun. My hair, however, did not enjoy this one and I came out looking like I had just been through a tornado. We went to Tower of Terror next before having dinner at the ABC Commissary. The theming here leaves something to be desired, but it does look like the cafeteria of a TV studio so I guess there's not much more they could do. I chose to eat here because, as someone who eats fish but not meat, I really enjoy their quinoa and arugula salmon salad. Other than that, I probably would choose somewhere else. I'm glad we didn't though, because we made it just in time for the last showing of Muppets 3D. There were only six of us in the entire theater, which was a cool experience. We skipped but favorite Writer's Stop this time due to the earlier Mickey ice cream bar, but I wish we had stopped for one of their massive cookies. 


There are so many things that I love about Epcot. They mostly involve food or drink, for obvious reasons. Epcot is the one park that you MUST do your research prior to going if you want the best places to eat. (I recommend, which I have followed for the last 3 years) It has so many hidden gems that you can easily walk right past. My absolutely favorite thing thing to get in Epcot is the caramel popcorn at Karamell-Kuche in the Germany pavillion. It is warm and buttery and completely addictive. I always wish I had bought more since family and friends end up stealing some. In the wine store in this pavillion they also have a wine flight with cheese plate that I'm dying to try but tragically skipped this time. We had lunch at Via Napoli, in Italy, where they have arguably the best pizza I've ever had; and I live near NYC, so yeah. They cook the pizza in three massive ovens, each named after one of the famous volcanoes, and it truly is Italian style, softer in the middle. I have eaten here before and this trip I had the Carciofi Pizza, which is a white pizza with truffle oil, mozzarella, artichoke, and amazing fontina cheese. It is incredible but I sadly couldn't finish the whole thing. I highly, highly recommend. It was another hot day so, after lunch, we grabbed a frozen Grey Goose Citron Lemon Slush in the France pavillion. It was expensive but definitely large enough to split, which we did. The lemon was refreshing and the alcohol taste was subtle but not lacking at all. We spent a long time at Epcot, wandering through the various shops and enjoying the scenery. It's impossible to pick a favorite pavilion, although if they ever added Greece that would have to win my heart. Stores I wouldn't miss include the massive Mitsukoshi department store in Japan, the back alleys of Morocco that transport you fully there, and the "outdoor" nighttime marketplace in Mexico. I spend way too much money at Epcot every time and have purchased a small Moroccan lantern, tea mugs and candy from Japan, Murano glass wine stoppers in Italy, and soaps from France. Every time I go to Epcot, I find something new, and I can't wait to see what I'll discover in the future.

Magic Kingdom:

We saved the best for last and made sure I'd be spending my birthday in the Magic Kingdom. We arrived early, but after opening, and I immediately went to guest services to get my birthday pin. This is the best part of being in Disney for your birthday, as you receive "Happy Birthday's" from cast members, characters, and even strangers. During the day it was very hot and we got a frozen lemonade slush. When we went to way for it, the cast member told me not to worry about it and to have a great birthday. I was completely taken by surprise and it made my day so special. Also the frozen lemonade was perfect for a hot day, tart and sweet. We got it at a stand in Frontierland. But I jumped ahead of myself. We arrived and got breakfast from the Starbucks on Main Street and took it down the side alley between the stores. This is one of my favorite hidden spots. There are a few tables and chairs with umbrellas and it is usually empty. You can watch all of the people on Main Street without being part of the crowds. I am proud to say we did almost all of the rides in Magic Kingdom, including the new Seven Dwarves Mine Train. The wait for that one was around 90 minutes, but I was excited to be on a new ride. It would have been even better without the large middle school groups and angry parents, but I loved looking inside Snow White's house at the end. We had lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant (!!!!) which was incredible in both theme and food. We sat in the West Wing, which is spooky with lightning and the torn portrait. At first I was disappointed we sat in there instead of the larger Ballroom, but it ended up being much better as it was quieter and less crowded. I ended my meal with a "Grey stuff" cupcake which was rich and delicious. We rode some more favorite rides like Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, and charged up our phones at the sitting area near the Tangled themed restrooms. In the evening, we ate at Columbia Harbour House, so that I could get my beloved "Lighthouse" sandwich, hummus and veggie slaw on multigrain bread. After that we went 45 minutes early to the reserved Fastpass section for Wishes fireworks. I am glad we did this but to be honest I would not recommend it. We had no idea you could get there early, but the guy let us in so we were able to snag a spot right by the little fence with no one blocking our view. If you arrive on time, though, you will most likely have a view that is worse than one you would have outside of this section. The fireworks were amazing as usual and I cried again. After the fireworks we decided to run to Splash Mountain and ride it again. This was the best decision ever. There was one other couple there so zero wait time and I asked to sit in the front, as earlier in the day I was in the back and my face was blocked by the person in front of me. We all got soaking wet and the view of the castle at night was wonderful. I would definitely do that again. Overall a pretty perfect birthday. 

I apologize for the super long post, but I always have way too much to say when it comes to Disney World. I am most likely going again in April and will try to post an actual review with photos and such. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Battle With Myself

Wanted to apologize quickly for not using this blog for months, I have long and complicated excuses but I'll just say life has a lot of sudden turns. Thanks for reading!

Last week, I was on one of my usual Pinterest binges when I came across a photo quote someone had pinned. It showed a sketch of a girl standing with her back facing the viewer, her hands clasped behind her back. The quote read "And I said to my body, softly, 'I want to be your friend.' It took a long breath and replied, 'I have been waiting my whole life for this.'" - Nayirrah Waheed. I immediately pinned it onto one of my own boards and a few days later worked up the courage to post it on my Instagram. I have, since then, looked back at it a few times each day, remembering the words and how it made me feel.

For the past five years I have been waging a silent war against my body. Everyone knew I felt some insecurities about my weight, but I am average to below average weight, so any comments I made were responded to with a prompt and decisive "But you look great, don't worry!" And I would leave it at that, not wanting to delve into my psyche and reach the real problem. My mom would often ask me when I became this way, shunning pizza and bagels and french fries in favor of carrots and kale. She would complain that I used to be more fun and not as concerned with how my stomach looked. I'm not sure if I'll ever have an answer to that.

My senior year of high school, I began to lose some weight. Not a lot, but enough to change my jeans size from an 8 to a 6. This trend continued when I went to college and accompanied some of my friends on their trips to the gym. I used the elliptical or the bike, watching my roommate run on the treadmill and thing "wow I could never do that." My overly health-conscious roommate's attitude toward food rubbed off on me, and I ended up losing around 15 pounds. This was helped along by a bad breakup that spring of my freshman year (it seemed so tragic at the time, now, not so much) and I began to count calories. I understand that it's good to be aware of how many calories are in something, especially if it's a candy bar or something else that might trick you into thinking it's not too bad for you. However, this environment Americans diet in, of allotting yourself calories and fitting your food into that, is toxic. My allotted 1600 calories seemed like so much on paper, so I lowered it to 1200. I would challenge myself to come in under that amount, thinking it would help me lose weight faster. By this time I believed being skinny would make me happier and more loveable. It didn't. I was down to around 800 calories per day when I realized I had taken it too far. I was on my way to being a size 2. I was hungry all the time, I no longer enjoyed meals, and all of my mom's friends kept commenting on how skinny I had gotten. That really messed with me. I figured if they noticed my losing weight, they'd notice me gaining it back. By that next December I had become extremely self-conscious eating around people. I would take my frozen diet meals and eat alone in my dorm room. I wasn't enjoying my school atmosphere and my roommate's boyfriend had taken to asking about my small meals and making fun of my "one piece of lettuce" type of dinners. For many reasons, I made a quick decision to leave my expensive, prestigious university and enroll in my large, state school. It was the best decision I've ever made.

That next semester I made friends with a guy in my dorm who would go to the gym a lot, mostly to run on the treadmill. I told him I could never do that, I used a doctor's note in high school to get out of running the half mile for goodness sakes! But he said if I wanted to, I could start very slowly and jog a quarter of a mile. I took the challenge and ended up being able to do it. I slowly increased until I was running a half mile. I gave myself the idea that I would run a 5k by the time the semester ended. It was around this time I also gave up meat, eating more fish, veggies, grains etc. May rolled around and I hit my 3.1 mile goal. I was stunned and got the crazy idea to sign up for a half marathon. I knew there was one in Disney World where you run through the parks and, as a massive Disney fan, I couldn't resist. That summer was the most difficult of my life, due to a medical emergency I'll explain in another post. I refused to give up and in January, as the sun rose in Florida, I crossed the finish line and promptly began to cry. Running had forced me to live outside of my boundaries and fuel my body in a healthy way. No eating or less food meant no energy to run those miles. I felt on top of the world and ran two more half marathons that year. It was nothing short of life changing. However after my third, I injured my foot, I believe now my arches were collapsing. I had to cancel two races I had signed up for, and have not run any serious miles for the last two years.

This long break from running began to take its toll and I ended up in the place I found myself a couple of weeks ago. I was making jokes about my body daily, pulling on the skin of my stomach and pushing it in at times, trying to get it to be smaller. I have had anxiety attacks in public places, thinking the person laughing near me was actually laughing at how I look. I have stood with my arms across my stomach, I have avoided beaches and pools. The most common thing I have found myself doing was brought to my attention by my ever-loving boyfriend who hates hearing me beat myself up. I had acquired the habit of questioning those around me, immediately after eating anything, if what I ate was okay. Doesn't matter if it was a salad or pasta or some carrots and hummus, I would ask repeatedly "that was okay right, not too bad?" and wait for validation.

I am now determined to change. I am exhausted from being that person. I want to be healthy and get back to running and eat good things to fuel my body, but I also want to be able to have birthday cake without wanting to vomit afterwards. I want to go to a movie and split some Junior Mints with my boyfriend without feeling guilty for the next three hours. I am tired and so are my friends and family. It is time for a change. It has been one week and every meal is an effort to not say and do those things. I look back at that picture and remind myself that my body and I are stuck together for life, and we might as well be good to each other. I think about the people who love me and how sad I would feel if they treated themselves the way I treat myself. I think about my younger sister and how I feel sick to my stomach when she bad mouths her body the way I do, wondering if I am responsible for that. I refuse to pass this along to my future children. I want them to jump and dance and play and enjoy life, including both lettuce and cake. In the end, it's all about that war I waged five years ago, except I realized there is no victory in this war.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

BarkBox Review

I know I haven't posted on here in forever but my life has been entirely consumed by work and my 4 hour round-trip commute. Something else that is still very much present in my life is my beautiful pup Minnie. She is a medium sized Goldendoodle and is now 9 months old, weighing in around 45 pounds!

One of my favorite things I've done for her is to order a year subscription to BarkBox. I cannot say enough about how much we've enjoyed the monthly box of treats arriving on the doorstep. As much as I love going to Pet Valu and looking around for toys/treats, there is something really fun about a surprise box of goodies that I usually have never heard of. It seems like Minnie can even tell that the box is for her while I'm opening it, she gets so excited! It's interesting to try new things, especially with a younger dog when you're not yet sure what her favorite flavors or types of toys are. Something I really appreciate about the box is the theme. Not all of the items always fit the theme, but most do and it is definitely a little touch thrown in there for us "parents".

The first item is something that came in this month's Island Paradise themed box, Yeti Dog Chew Golden Nuggets. I was extremely confused by these at first as they are just beige squares that instruct you to microwave them before giving them to your dog. Weird, right? As Minnie was being a particularly good pup today I decided to try these out. I followed the instructions and microwaved them for a little more than a minute, and watched as it puffed up! After letting it cool I removed it and it was a larger, hard beige square. Not the most appealing but she loved it and I watched as she crunched away. I'll definitely be saving these for "higher value" treat situations as opposed to an every day treat.

In January, Minnie received an "Ice Age" themed BarkBox, which is perfect because here in northern New Jersey the snow seems to be unending. Along with some amazing-smelling gingersnap treats that she refused to try was this oblong blue rubber toy called "icicle". Minnie absolutely loves this for the days she wants a more durable toy to chew on as opposed to a soft toy. This actually also has a squeaker inside which is difficult for me to squeak but she has no problem with it. 

Next up is a plush toy that Minnie and I love but everyone else in my house hates: this bizarre looking moose. There are multiple ways to interact with this toy, which is surprising for a plush. The neck stretches, there is a squeaker in the head, and the body makes an almost quacking sound when shaken up and down. Minnie loves this because she can grab it by the head and run around with it to make the "quacking" noise. Other people in my house find it slightly annoying on occasion but I think it's fun!

Last, but not least, are these Jambalaya treats. As mentioned previously, my step-father is from New Orleans originally, so I've learned a lot about food and music and culture from down there. I was so excited when Minnie received a Mardi-Gras BarkBox last month! There were also King Cake treats (actually peanut butter flavor) and a mardi gras mask toy, but I thought these were the most creative/authentic. When looking at the ingredients list, as I always do because I am a crazy dog lady now, I was impressed to see nearly all of the ingredients that go into real jambalaya. These were a hit with my pup and I've been rationing them so they'll last longer. 

I realize this was a fairly extensive post about BarkBox products and a lot of people probably don't care that much about dog treats/toys, but I have found having a dog to be extremely fun and rewarding. I love spending part of my weekend finding new things for her to try and I am looking forward to the warmer weather so we can try out a dog beach and go on some adventures! I figure this is kind of training for my future children as I spend lots of time and money on this little cutie. 

Please bear with me as I attempt to resurrect my blog. I love having this as a creative outlet and almost passed out when I saw people were actually giving it a glance. Thanks!

This post was in no way sponsored by BarkBox. I'm pretty sure they don't even know I exist. Images were taken from there website, I do not own. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fantastic Mr. Fox Theme Dinner

My family has a tradition of doing a movie themed dinner every couple of months, and I had been waiting quite some time for the perfect weather to do Fantastic Mr. Fox as my film. 

For the activity, we made "bandit masks". In the movie, Mr. Fox and some of the other animals put on bandit "hats" resembling ski masks, but I thought these would be easier to decorate. 

Everyone got to choose from the assortment of colored paper and design in whatever style. We used rubber bands to make them wearable.

I wanted to fully capture the feeling of the movie, rather than pull out small details from it, since no one else had seen the film yet and would not understand references to the plot. The aspect of the movie I remembered most was it's artistic style and connection to nature. I played up the autumnal themes to decorate the room and table.

We used a cheap wreath around the bowl of apples to make a standout centerpiece and then filled in with other such autumn decorations, like candle holders and a Spode pumpkin teapot from The Christmas Tree Shop. On the small table in the back I placed a few real pumpkins as well as sunflowers and my stuffed fox from Anthropologie. The apples in the centerpiece were covered with gold star stickers to resemble the genetically modified ones in the movie made by one of the villains for his cider.

There is plenty of food in Fantastic Mr. Fox, as he steals chickens, apple cider, and other goods repeatedly from the nearby evil farmers/industrialists. Sticking with my Autumn theme, I decided to make a simple Sunday style dinner with roast chicken with herbs, root vegetables, kale salad, and dinner rolls, plus cinnamon apple pie for dessert.

For the roasted root vegetables, we used red potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, and parsnips. tossed in olive oil and herbs de provence. 

The Kale salad was purchased from our nearby grocery store but was delicious with shredded carrots and craisins. 

Our dinner was accompanied by juice boxes, which they drink at the end of the movie while raiding the grocery store. I think these foods provided a nice taste of Autumn and were a healthy way to have some "comfort food."

Everyone enjoyed the film and the dinner, despite this being one of the simpler theme dinners we have done. Sometimes you do not require a whole bunch of decorations to set the mood for a good movie. I'd love to do another theme dinner around Christmas so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Favorites!

As I feel like I somehow missed out on summer, I am determined to fully embrace and appreciate Autumn this year. That includes decorating the house, enjoying pumpkin everything, and attempting to get along with the cooler weather. There are, though, a few things that have been helping to make Fall better for me so far:

My first favorite is an essential to my wardrobe from September to May - denim jegging jeans from American Eagle. I have these in black, regular wash, and light wash. They are so perfect to wear with boots or flats and they can be worn casually or dressed up and worn to work! (I have a pretty casual workplace) I also have two pairs of the skinny jeans which have a bit more of a relaxed fit in the calf and ankle, but these are definitely my favorite. You can find them here.

Since I started working full time, I needed to set up my desk with all of my necessities. I know it is flu season, so when I went to Bath and Body Works I was on the hunt for a good hand sanitizer. I stumbled upon this Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin hand sanitizer. At first I doubted that it would smell good and not just like rubbing alcohol like other sanitizers, but I was pleasantly surprised. I am becoming somewhat addicted to this and even bought the small hand lotion in the same scent. 

I am one of those people who gets scared of horror movies and ghost stories very easily, but I still enjoy watching them from time to time. One of my favorite shows lately is American Horror Story and this season, Freak Show, seems extremely promising. I have only seen one episode so far but I was horrified, terrified, and left wanting more. As someone who is scared of clowns, I have a feeling I'll have to watch this only when it is light out, but sometimes you just need to watch something dark and twisted. (Followed shortly by my other new favorite show - Peppa Pig...)

I actually ordered this lip gloss from Sephora a month ago, but decided it was finally time to pull it out. I'm usually not as bold with lip color but it's something I'm trying to change. I absolutely loved this color for both Fall and Winter and since it is called "cranberry", I figured it would be perfect leading up to Thanksgiving. I wore it with a dark grey sweater to work the other day and thought it was the perfect pop of color. The lip gloss did rub off onto my coffee cup, but it didn't leave any weird, goopiness on my lips that sometimes happens with darker colors. 

Speaking of work, I have been on the train for 2 hours every day going to New York and home again, and it gets rather boring to just listen to music or stare off into space. Sometimes you just need a good book to get lost in and the Game of Thrones series is perfect for that. I am almost through A Clash of Kings and am having a hard time saving it just for the train. It might be difficult to get into at first because the characters and plot lines are numerous, but it is worth it I promise.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of all things Lush. I have a very hard time walking past the store without going in and I love finding new products to try. As I usually purchase bubble bars and bath bombs, I decided to switch it up this time and try the Honey Trap Lip Balm. It smells amazing of honey and vanilla and is a wonderful, smooth consistency. 

I have been burning candles like crazy lately, just to set the mood for a cozy autumn evening while I enjoy some Netflix and hot tea. Candles have gotten so expensive, but I do notice a quality difference when I spend less money on them. My go-to brand for candles of course is Yankee Candle and I love their seasonal candles for Fall, Christmas, and Summer. I bought the Autumn Leaves scent because it was one of the specially priced ones for the month, but there are a ton of other scents I would love to get my hands on. You can find their Fall candles here!

These are just a few of my Fall Favorites that I have been enjoying this season. I will be doing another one when my favorite time of year rolls around, Christmastime!!
Thanks for reading :)